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Lawn Crypt Cut-a-way

  1. Concrete slab base, with steel reinforced footers provides a stable foundation.

  2. Advanced drainage system keeps Vantage Lawn Crypts the driest available.

  3. Unique shared wall system. Interlocking panels with side and end walls and casket supports creates up to 20% more crypts.

  4. Steel reinforced exterior block walls are filled with concrete to ensure protection against earth loads and weight.

  5. Lid grid. Steel reinforced grid encased in poured concrete.

  6. Poured concrete lids. Solid protection against maintenance equipment loads.

  7. Numbering system. Easily adaptable to existing numerical sequences.

  8. Decorative fascias. Wide selection available for raised gardens.

  9. Lush ground cover. Deep beds of 18”-36” of soil and sod.

  10. Decorative fencing. Available in a variety of aesthetically pleasing styles and colors to further enhance landscaping.


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