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Cremation Urn Vault Product Line

Vantage Cremation Urn Vaults offer beauty and protection for those who select cremation for their loved ones.

Vantage products are not only aesthetically pleasing and comforting from the standpoint of security; they suit any budget without compromising quality.

Available in a variety of molded colors and in attractive granite like finishes; two sizes - 14" and 18", enough for large urns or to serve as remembrance capsules. Personalization is also offered on all of the Cremation Urn units.

  • Molded of Non-Biodegradable, Non-Porous Polypropylene for Performance

  • Measurable Difference in Strength

  • Seamless Construction

  • Clip Lock System

  • Choice of Colors

  • Personalization Options are available

Nature’s principle of captured air does not allow water to rise into the vault.


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